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Our Story
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Noah’s Garden is an online store, aimed towards discerning parents that are keen on enriching the bond between mother and child. We select our products with the knowledge that our clients are seeking nothing but the best for their beloved infants and toddlers.

In a market where options are limited, we seek to enable parents who are mindful of their children’s needs, to have the option to enjoy stylish, natural, organic and environmentally friendly products without compromise.

Our vision is to offer a comprehensive resting place for mothers and families to find support and nurturing in their parenting journey.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our story.
We are two first time mothers from Dubai who, like many new parents, did not know much about baby products out there. After thorough research of baby products in the UAE market, we started asking ourselves questions: Why are there so many toxic chemicals in the products we put on our skin and our babies’, and in our home environments, from crib mattresses to cleaning products? And when it comes to nontoxic, eco-friendly product options, why should anyone have to choose between performance and purity, or affordability and style?
We felt compelled to look for what’s best out there for our babies. Most of our shopping had to be done online through international websites, as we struggled to find organic and eco-friendly products in the UAE market especially ones that are stylish, fun and trendy. For us, organic and natural does not necessarily mean dull. We found and fell in love with many quality products from diapers to clothes and skincare that were organic, chemical free, eco-friendly and appealing.
We must admit that after having our babies, and looking into safer and healthier products, we decided to make a lifestyle change. This may make us sound like proper tofu, seed-eating hippies but we promise we are not. We were just looking for the best options for our babies. And, we were pleasantly surprised to discover there were a whole load of similarly minded parents in the region, sharing the same concerns.
Our quest for answers ultimately led to the launch of Noah’s Garden in 2015, an online website aimed at providing organic, eco-friendly and natural baby products for mothers in the UAE and the Middle East. We believe in being able to live a fashionably organic lifestyle. That is our motto! 
The name Noah’s Garden was inspired by Noah’s Ark suggesting a pure and happy beginning. The name “Noah” means repose, comfort and consolation and “Garden” reflects the natural and green aspect of the products we offer. In essence, our vision is to offer a comprehensive resting place for mothers and families to find support and nurturing in their parenting journey. 
Noah’s Garden is the first online organic children store in the Middle East. It is an online haven for mindful parents seeking stylish, natural, organic and environmentally friendly products, ranging from diapers, apparel, nursery decor, baby skincare, bottles and utensils, toys, and maternity and postpartum products.
Here at Noah’s Garden we are constantly striving to offer the best organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly and natural products for baby and mother.
We wish you a wonderful shopping experience!!!